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Your thoughts on my favourite recurring dream?

Asked by kawaii_ninja (402points) August 16th, 2008

I’m always having certain dreams over and over again, but recently there’s one that i’ve had twice now and I have grown attatched to it. I’ll try and write in detail what it’s about:

It starts of with me facing a tunnel in a hill-sized rock. It looks like a cave at first, but when I go in I can see the light at the end, so it’s definately a tunnel. When I get out, i’m on a sort of dirt track that is paralell to where I am and is difficult to see because everything underfoot is covered in thick snow. It’s snowing, and I find myself appropriately dressed in something warm and a scarf.

Across from me I can see what looks like a forest of dead trees, with a door fixed just across from me in a wall that’s hidden in the shadow. The door is rounded and made of wood, and just tall enough to let me through. Even though I can’t feel it, everything seems cold, i.e my breath comes out as like steam and the snow is fresh. If I look up I can’t see much, just the tops of the branches and smoke coming from somewhere in the near the edge of the forest.

Without thinking, I walk up to the door and knock. This is where it gets interesting. The first time I had this dream, someone opened the door slightly, looked at me and said ‘Oh, it’s a newcomer…’ and let me in. I can’t quite put my finger on who this person is. It’s not someone I know, and the image is fuzzy in my mind now. The image of him keeps changing from a kind and gentle old man to a boy no older than 16 with the same characteristics. Both the people share the same gruffish voice and soft eyes.

When I go in, there is a large fireplace with a warm fire burning. It’s so warm that all the snow on me melts off almost straight away. The person walks away and into a kitchen-kind-of-place with a massive shelf of food and pots along the end wall. All around the room we’re in are tall shelves stacked with old-looking books, and the shelves stretch over every wall, nomatter where I look.

Around the fire lots of people are sitting on really big, comfy sofas. I definately don’t recognise them, in fact i’ve never seen them before in my life. Ususally there are about 3 boys and 3 other girls besides me. They all looked up the first time, saying Hello etc., but the second time they just welcome me and begin conversation. And that’s what we do there all the time, just sit and talk. The person from before comes back in after 10 minutes or so, bringing us great food and tea. I always enjoy myself terribly, but I can never remember what we talked about after I wake up. I presume it’s about life and our worries about things, because when I wake up I feel warm and comforted, but strangely longing to have the dream again.

Whenever it comes to leaving in the dream, the undefinable person tells us all that it’s about time we headed off home, and all the participants moan and complain. In answer to this, the person chuckles and smiles. We all pull our coats back on and head back outside, the snow still falling, and say goodbye to one another, departing in different directions, leaving me standing outside the door, no clue where to go, like a half-wit.

The second time was the same, except for a few minor changes, such as I was just let in after I knocked, and everyone seemed to recognise me. The only thign I can compare this to is a club version of when Lucy goes to see Mr. Tumnus in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. lol.

Your thoughts?

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Sorry for the mega-long thing, I got carried away xD

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My first thought was you are somehow incorporating Fluther into your dreams… Sorry, I literally, just woke up from falling asleep on my couch. I should go to bed and and answer this later when I’m more coherent.

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Ha! That would make for a good dream indeed =D

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And I thought I had crazy dreams… That is what woke me in the first place. I was dreaming I was with my bestfriend, whom I might add past away 5 years ago…

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To me it sounds like you’ve visited my home (the Faroe Islands) and perhaps read one too many Tolkien stories :)
Seriously, the place you describe sounds like a mix of the landscape back home (the tunnel, dirt road, etc.) and something out of LOTR (the door, the people, the fireplace, etc).
Maybe you’re creating your own happy place in your dream. I kinda wish I could do the same, it sounds really cool!

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If not LOTR, then The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

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If this were my dream a) I would be very happy and b) it would mean that I had found the
people I’d always needed to find in order to be comfortable and welcome and accepted,
not only peers but also a host/teacher/organizer/hospitality person who
provided the safety and comfort everyone needs, and also the reminder that we have more to do in our lives than have a great time socializing and being cared for (groan). Someone both supportive and very clear. Like an excellent parent.
If it were my dream, I would think, wow,
I generated a perfect adolescence – isn’t that magical!!!

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i can interpret dreams, it’s clear that this dream is telling you something.

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OMG ive had alot of those and I also like them!

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Alien abduction?

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You are welcoming a new part of yourself to the whole. You are incorporating a new understanding or mindset or knowledge about yourself that is exciting and comforting at the same time. The person that opens the door looks different but the same because all the people in the secret place are different versions of yourself.

That’s my take and I’m sticking to it.

I love your dream, by the way.

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@susanc – Thanks! That’s a wonderful interpretation =D

@McBean – Thanks to you too =) I love your description, and it’s one that I think best describes how I feel ^_^

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You know, people who use visualization in meditation are often encouraged to create their own sanctuary, and also create a wise mentor in their minds which they can use to recharge and also access their intuitive larger self for advice. They also say that the best way to imagine it is to use a lot of sensory detail – sounds, touch, taste as well as visuals.

I’m not sure what your dream means, but from a practical standpoint it seems that you have created a sort of wonderful sanctuary and now have access to it subconsciously and consciously.

So whenever you have a tough problem to solve you can probably try bouncing it to your subconscious as well as fluther. I’ve had occasions where I’ve been stuck with a math question and figured out the answer in my sleep. (I also dreamt that I was speaking fluent Polish while I first arrived in Poland, but alas, on waking I couldn’t any more! ... hmm….)

@kawaii : What’s your interpretation of the dream? Seems like you might have better insights on its meaning than us.

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Well, I guess to me it means a mixture of previous explanations, definately including yours. We once did some meditation in class, where we had to talk with our subconsious on a beach. I didn’t really feel comfortable with a beach, but I did it anyway =D

I guess this place in my dream is someplace i’d rather be. Because I feel so comfortable there I guess that place must either be alltogether peaceful for me, or it is the combination of things that calm me, like the fire and bookshelves. I can’t really explain the people, though. The boys are all very cute, but that’s about it xD

I think that just about sums up my interpretation =)

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I finally know what it means!!!

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