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Sortation or Sorting?

Asked by elbanditoroso (24554points) March 7th, 2018

I was reading something on the Fedex website today and ran across the word “sortation”. As in: “Fedex has 23 sortation centers and 54 distribution warehouses”.

But it seems that “23 sorting centers” would have been a more direct and less high-falutin’ way of saying the same thing.

Is there any difference between ‘sorting’ and ‘sortation’ as descriptive adjectives?

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Per Merriam-Webster
the act or process of sorting “the sortation of mail”

also the act, in Data Process, of sorting information.

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As noted, sortation “works”, but I’m with you on this. Sorting is simpler, easier to say, two syllables instead of three, and more common.

My favorite bugaboo is when we use the word “preventative” in construction, which means exactly the same as “preventive”.

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