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Is there any easy way to convert a blogspot/blogger blog to a text document of any kind?

Asked by hoteipdx (251points) August 16th, 2008

I want to take a blog down, but save and print a hard copy of all of the writing that I did. I want a cheap and easy solution. I know that you can pay to have your blog made into an attractive book. I just want a simple text document.

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well, on a mac you could save it to a PDF (just print, and then save to pdf), i’m sure there must be something like that on windblows as well

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If you have acrobat installed on the pc you can do that on a pc as well. I think there is also a microsoft version of the pdf to. I am not sure if it is tied with Office or Windows though.

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Couldn’t you copy and paste it into a word processing document, or even an email? Might be time consuming depending on how much you’ve got, but takes no special skill.

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I start with Word docs and then paste them into Blogger, so I am sure you could copy and paste into Word as augustlan suggests.

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Right, I know that I can copy & paste each posting. I was wondering if I could transfer the whole blog to a text document in one fell swoop.

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file save page as text doc (windows)

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