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What is called when you dream and your not in REM sleep?

Asked by simone54 (7616points) August 16th, 2008

Just about every night just when right before I fall a sleep, I start dreaming. It is usually just a flash of some weird stuff, usually a lot of quick flashes. The thing is. I’m not asleep yet. I’m 100% conscious, I can still hear, move, and see (if I opened my eye) I don’t know if everyone has this but it seems happen to me most nights. Anyone know what I mean?

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Lucid dreaming

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It’s called hypnogogia. Hypnogogic hallucinations don’t typically have storylines or continuity like REM dreams do; they’re just flashes of “weird stuff”. The same kind of thing can happen during the period when you’re just waking up, only then it’s called “hypnopompia”.

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Oops, according to the article I linked to, I misspelled it. Should be hypnagogia.

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Yeah, lucid dreaming is different. You usually have to train yourself to do that, but
it’s cool, because you gain the ability to affect what happens in your dream,
participate in the dream’s design instead of being a passive moviegoer. Very powerful.

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if you haven’t already, you should see the movie called “The Science of Sleep”

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Thanks Harp! I heard that word before a long time ago and forgot what it was. Now I know.

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Ah sweet there is a word for this weirdness i experience every night.

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What? There is a word for Tony coming in room and touching you when you are sleeping?

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lols i thought that was our little secret ;) dont worry, its never as good as when you used to come over :)

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You win again.

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