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When was the last time you changed your position regarding something important?

Asked by funkdaddy (17765points) March 9th, 2018

What caused the change?

Do you feel like you’re open minded and free to change your views?

If you’re not comfortable sharing the specific issue, the question is really more about what circumstances or proof would be needed to change your mind. It can be as general or specific as you like.

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I don’t know if this counts as a position but I am becoming more understanding and accepting of the idea of transgender as I learn more about it and know people who have transgender children.

I have also changed my position on religious people since becoming a Unitarian. While still a Jewish atheist as well, I understand the value of a spiritual community and that for some, a belief in a god is life-enhancing. I don’t need to argue about religion with anyone unless they are trying to impose their dogma on me.

As far as guns go, while some years ago, I would have wanted them all banned, now I accept that having guns is important to some and I just want them controlled so that less harm is done by them.

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I grew up believing in spanking, and received my share. When I had children of my own, I changed my mind about that form of teaching them to behave, in favor of nonviolent methods.

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I was completely wrong about a few things related to religion and atheism. Let’s just say that I regret a bit of my anti-theism. But what really got me here was a re-commitment to my political ideals, which I had tried to suppress over the years to keep from feeling helpless and depressed.

Related to the above, I had made assumptions about certain people within the atheist “community” that were way too generous, it turned out.

I do change my mind pretty regularly.

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I change my mind a lot. I think being on Fluther has opened my eyes to different things that growing up in a small minded area did not prepare me for.

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I used to think atheists were devil worshippers or freaks, now I realize they just believe differently than me. I guess I did learn that here by talking with people, although I have to admit, some are much easier to ‘hear’ than others, as they don’t bash my own beliefs, which increases communication.

No, not really that open to changing my opinions much at 45 years old. I’m open to it, but you’d have to back it up with evidence or facts, which is rarely the case.

Even RL scenario’s as examples may work if verifiably factual, like @MrGrimm and his immigrant thread. He expressed a few things I hadn’t heard of, and while he didn’t change my mind that unlimited illegal immigration is a good thing, I did hear another side of the issue, which is enjoyable.

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My views haven’t changed much over the years and I tend to be pragmatic about them so I am guided by circumstances rather than dogma. One view I still hold is that everyone else is essentially not unlike me and I think this idea guides a lot of my thinking false though it may be.

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I have changed my thinking about the capabilities and abilities of women. It was not a single incident, more like a gradual evolution over time. So much so that now that I’m looking for a new dentist and a GP (doctor), I’m most likely going to choose a woman. And my wife and I will be looking for an interior designer, and we’ll most likely go with a woman.
Travel has been a big eye-opener for me. I’ve come to realize that our ways are not necessarily the best ways, especially regarding public transportation, and universal health insurance and education. In the San Francisco Bay Area, for example, we have an intercity rail system called BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) that is anything but rapid and is a sorry imitation of what an efficient rail system should be, like the ones they have in Europe and Asia. It is run by a bunch of incompetents. And don’t get me started on health insurance and education…

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I was wrong when I thought Hillary Clinton would have been just as bad as Trump.

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I changed my major 17 times in 2 years before I went insane. From psychology to philosophy and back again. My professors were fighting over me. (Blush)

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Recently actually, over the past couple of days I’ve been chewing on my behavior, and my family’s behavior.. trying to think of how my children feel and how best to help (one is failing Kindergarden and both are not listening and out of control..but then neither am I in control) My position was that everything was fine but it’s not and I need to commit to some serious changes for myself and my kids.

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