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My son is going to school in Hollywood. Do you know of any places to live that are safe but won't break the bank?

Asked by Judi (40025points) August 16th, 2008

He will have a car so he also needs to be able to park.

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If he has a car, he might try North Hollywood. It’s not that far, and a little more residential. There are tons of new apartments and condos in that area these days.

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Safe and cheap do not easily correlate in Los Angeles. If he has a car, and doesn’t mind the commute, the Valley is definitely a cheaper alternative. If he looks on craigslist he can find people needing roommates. UCLA housing also has a great site for finding people to share apartments with (UCLA isn’t that far from Hollywood). NoHo is a good option, but parts of it are rather seedy.

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There are actually some reasonable (by LA standards) apartments near the University.

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Burbank, Glendale (esp. Atwater Village), basically northeast of Hollywood are all pretty good bets; also consider with the price of gas and commuting woes, the possibility of taking the Metro red line to school, and then he could live further out without much wear and tear on the car. Eagle Eock and some parts off the 110 Pasadena freeway could also be good. Last, the Echo Park/Silver Lake area,Los Feliz, are all good areas, while expensive to own a home, have rentals and often homeowners rent rooms to students.

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Thanks. We’re going apartment shopping next week.

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Check out Studio City (which is right next to N. Hollywood). It is closer to Hollywood than N. Hollywood and right off the freeway. I lived there for about a year and really liked it.

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and parts of Hollywood are nice From LaBrea to Fairfax between Fountain and Hollywood Blvd

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UGG just went on a reconnaissance mission to look for apartments. I winder how ANYTHING gets rented! No one answers their phones. Started at 10:00 AM and ended at 6:30 PM and only saw 4 apartments! He’s not actually moving until mid September so at least we have a better idea of where we need to be in relationship to the school now. I almost wish he didn’t have a car now. Finding an apartment with parking gets a HUGE premium!

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