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Do you need to replace your tablets power cord often?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (13233points) March 10th, 2018

I bought 6 cords over a two year period. Also my surface 3 cord doesn’t work with any cord. Is that normal? What should I buy that has a better and more durable power cord? I’m thinking of getting a pc desktop. I only use Wi-Fi at home.

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I’ve never had to replace the power cords of any of my devices, and some are many years old.
I find them durable enough!

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I’ve only had to replace cords because I left them somewhere, like a hotel room.

One thing I learned is that cheap cords don’t work; buy a replacement from the maker of your tablet, not from the cheap display in the local drug store.

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The plastic sheathing of my mobile phone lead was starting to split so I taped it up a year ago. It is still going strong.

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@zenvelo The proper power cord sells by order for $90 from Staples. It would be better to buy a pc desktop computer for $250— $500

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I have a very inexpensive tablet that is going on three years old ,and have never had an issue with the power cord.

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What happens to your power cords that you have to replace them so often?
That is very frequent replacement…

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That’s a very high rate of failure. I’ve had to replace one that I remember in many years of computing. If you’re careful with them they shouldn’t fall apart, but of course it only takes one twist or yank to break one or start it falling apart. I’d suspect you have some bad habit of the way you twist them or run them over with your chair, or something.

(I like desktop computers better anyway, until I want to compute somewhere remote.)

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Microsoft Surface power cords have a bad reputation for breaking too soon. Same for iPhone/iPad cords. At least there are heavy duty versions of iPhone cords you can buy.

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For best compatibility, it is recommended that you buy original cables and chargers.

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Yeah, the knockoffs are very iffy. I found a $13 one on Amazon with 4 star reviews. My daughter says it works fine. There are $10 ones that get bad reviews.

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