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How is this possible?

Asked by wildflower (11152points) August 16th, 2008

Yesterday I got an email that someone had added me as a friend on Facebook – which I suppose is what it is, except: I’m not on Facebook!
How can someone add me when I’m not registered? And yes, I did double-check that I don’t have an account I forgot about or something…...and I don’t!
Is it just me or is this a severe flaw in their set-up – I think it certainly confirms I was right not to join it in the first place.

What’s your take on it? Has this happened to you?

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it just means they’re inviting you to join and be your friend. On facebook you can send out an invitation to everyone on your email contact list, which is probly what your friend did.

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She sent an invitation too, but also I got a message that says she’s added me and I need to confirm I know her – of course when I follow that link it says I need to login to see the page, which I can’t do without being signed up…’s at best a sneaky way to make people sign up, at worst a total paranoia cause!

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ew. sounds spam-y.

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If you know her it was an invitation; if not it could be a phishing lure; never provide personal information by linking from an email (my personal policy).

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I know her – and she knows my opinion of facebook….just think it’s bad that you can actually add someone who isn’t a user..

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it tookme a bit to figure that out. Unless you go and sign up nothing happens. It is all just verbage. You half to accept the unite for anything to happen. Otherwise talk to your friend. If she knows how you feel there may be issues.

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If your friend knows how you feel about Facebook, it seems like a crappy thing to do to you.

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