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How would I describe to my girlfriend what goes on at a Passover Seder?

Asked by Yellowdog (12203points) March 11th, 2018

I am a Jewish Christian; Judaism is my heritage, and is almost TOO familiar to me. My GF and I are Christians and I am having a hard time explaining my Jewish heritage.

I would like to take her to the Passover Seder I attend every year, but am having difficulty explaining it.

Essentially it is good to get immersed in a different spiritual culture and faith community; one with instruction, fellowship, activities and games. Many Jews do not accept Christians as part of their community although many themselves are not ‘religious’ (some Jews are Jews culturally but are not religious and a few are even atheists). My Jewish friends have no trouble accepting Christians in Jewish studies in the University and I believe my GF would understand a side of me better and get a sense of belonging in the Jewish circles I participate in.

So, how would I describe the Passover Seder meal and activities? I think she would like it. I have difficulty explaining that its not a worship service and that instruction is clear and participation is natural.

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