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Is it normal for tall people to be a target for bullies?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (13520points) March 12th, 2018

In my case bullies tried to “chop down” the tallest tree. After a time I turned lemons into lemonade and used the attempts to practice fighting. Some of the fights I liked because I was bored with school and it helps that I rarely lost a fight. Is fighting normal when you were in grade school when you were growing up?

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Also is it normal to enjoy fighting?

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No. I had a roommate who is 6 foot 10, he wasn’t bullied. But if anyone ever tried to push his buttons, he could dish out a snarky remark in return just as quickly.

And no, it is not normal to fight.

Sounds like they were able to get a reaction out of you, which encouraged them even more.

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I wouldn’t know – being 5’ 1”!

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Fighting was very rare. I can only remember one altercation that involved me and it lasted seconds.
The bullies were the bigger kids. We figured they were just dumb.

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No, generally bullies prefer to pick on those smaller and weaker than themselves. The only way I can see it happening is if the tall person is a stick in which case, why are you not working out and bulking up?

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I know I had issues throughout school. They mostly disappeared when I filled out.

I was 6’5, and about 200 lbs when I left highschool. I am about 100 pounds bigger now. It took years of exercise, and lifting. People still try sometimes, even when I’m in uniform. It’s not a bright idea…

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I don’t know what’s “normal” but I was a tall kid and some bullies tried to bully me sometimes. In kindergarten and 1st grade I fought them and they gave up without fighting back. After that I could usually glare and/or prepare for action and they would leave me alone. I never thought I was targeted for being tall – I think I was targeted for having a smaller group of friends and not participating in the main social contest.

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Bullies tend to pick on those who can’t defend themselves or who look or behave differently. Carrying your clothes in a duffel bag from class to class may have been a factor. Were you also overweight? That could have also been a factor.

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The drummer is my old boss. And also a good friend of my sisters. (that is how I got the job)

Dude is freakishly large. Like a well built guy and you free transform him while holding down “shift” in Photoshop.

Jon was pretty much the nicest person you could meet. But he talked about he was constantly fucked with because, street cred…

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