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How did you spend your summer vacation?

Asked by gailcalled (54584points) August 16th, 2008

Revisiting family on small islands, cranking thru pregnancy, giving up beloved habits, facing serious medical issues, going to Boston, starting college? Tell.

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With WTF in an air condtioned house, planting flowers, or going to a lot of concerts!

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Avoiding mosquitoes. Only got one bite!!! It rained every day except the important one, the wedding day, so that’s how it should be.

After flying all of my life, got stuck in Vegas on the tarmac for nearly an hour while several microsystems of thunderstorms and flash flooding moved over the plane. The crew kept us comfortable, though, so it was a pleasant adventure and we made it to your neck of the woods without harm.

So how has yours been. I still have something to look forward to, hopefully, before the summer is finished. Keep those fingers and toes crossed!

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I’m painting an apartment in Paris at the moment.

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My daughter starts high school this year, so she has been preparing for that. They had a huge reading list this year, which is not such a problem for her though, because she is a rabid bookoholic like me. She’ll read a couple of books a day if her brother leaves her in peace.

My son went to summer school for part of the vacation, which he enjoyed quite a lot. He is a 7 year old who doesn’t stop from the moment he wakes up until his head hits the pillow at night, so he has been bored silly. I haven’t been able to find enough for him to do!!

We went to Atlantic City for 5 days. My daughter’s best friend is a dancer, and he was competing at his National’s competition, so we went to watch him compete. We had a great time during the times when he wasn’t dancing too. There is a fun park there, and the two teens went on every ride they could, including The Rocket, which they went on twice!! The Rocket is a metal cage, which is shot up into the air on bungee cords. They yelled their heads off. You wouldn’t get me on that one for love or money!!!

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Had fun with my husband: made a pilgrimage to Yankee Stadium during it’s “final season”, saw the International Fireworks Festival in Vancouver, B.C., and visited the incredibly beautiful North Cascades in Washington State.
Waited not-so-patiently for 01.20.09.
Helped friends through hard times.

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Hung out at the pool with my kids most days, and played Wii and cooked on the days it rained. Not productive, but a fun summer.

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My summer vacation in 29 photos
Visiting family, friends, music festival, fishing, sailing, driving, hiking, enjoying local “cuisine”, ravaging old family photo-albums…..

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Ferrying my children to and from all of their off-season activities: camps, dr and ortho appointments, school orientations, etc. Relaxing at home. Getting estimates for a desperately needed bathroom remodel. Reading, and of course, getting addicted to Fluther!

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@wild: Beautiful!

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Went to vegas, Los Angeles, hung out with friends , went shopping, and played my wii and ds.

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What vacation? I went to Disneyland 3 times, and California Adventure once (I had a pass). In 3 weeks we are driving up to Berkeley to see DMB at the Greek; all 3 shows!!!

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I spent one week in Rhode Island with my brother, one week moving from Baltimore back home to Texas, and every day helping my wife up to a standing position as her belly grows.

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I worked full time and went to school full time.

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Watched in wonderment my son grew; harvested broad beans, mange-tout, onions, garlic, runner beans, courgettes, beetroot, potatoes, raspberries, blackberries and strawberries (and ate them!); read Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe; met my mother-in-law for the first time; lazed on the beach; lounged on the sofa, and held a tea party in the rain.

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@Jennifer; my kind of summer. Is a courgette what we call an squash? And I need to have mange-tout translated from Brit. to American.

Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot retired and tried to raise what we call eggplants. He hated the idea and went back to detecting. I can’t remember what he called them. (A big, bulbous, dark-purple-skinned vegetable.)

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Got it…marrow.

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@Gail – would aubergine be the name that you’re looking for?

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Right. Your aubergine is our Egg Plant. But Hercule Poirot grew marrows for a while, until he almost expired from boredom. Obviously not an egg plant, I see.

And is mange-tout what we call a snow pea?

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We also call squash, zucchini

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There are a lot of other squashes besides zucchini. And I still am not sure what a marrow is. Maybe that is my karma.

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Hmm. I think courgette is zucchini, but if we leave them on the plant they get ginormous and become marrows. They are green, and tastier when they’re still small. A squash can be green, or sometimes orange or yellow.

The mange-tout are little peas, eaten still in the pod.

Egg Plants are indeed aubergines.

They are running a series of Poirot’s on the tv at the moment, but it goes on til 11pm and this is round about the time my son wakes up to be fed. I have watched two episodes so far and both times have missed the “who done it” bit at the end! Perhaps I should try reading them instead.

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@jennifermay – yup, that is right, courgette is zucchini.

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i go to cape cod with my parents. they rent a house every year. i don’t stay as long as they do, but i’ll go for a long weekend. up there, i go shopping with my mom, and every year she does a lobster dinner which is fun. we also visit the various towns and do window shopping and stuff like that.

in the past, (before baby), i’ve been to ireland, california, farther places.

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I spent over a week in Alaska, did some fishing at a fishing lodge then did some sight seeing at some of the glaciers at Portage, took in some native culture.

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I spent the first day of my summer vacation with my friends -and did some stupid stuff to say WELCOME SUMMER :)
Then, there was my birthday party, which was crazy and awesome -and I ate two cakes that night, threw chips all over the living room while trying to catch my friends and hit them with some red/green/blue/yellow balloons, played guitar on the balcony at 24:00 just to annoy the neighbors and had lots of fun.
I stayed in the city for a month, went out with friends and had some stupid dates. But it was fun anyway. Then I went to Athens to see my dad and spent 6 days there. I’ll tell you one thing about that: we went to the house at 1 or 2 am heehee. Oh and one more thing: I ate lots of junk food those days lol
And then I got back home just to pack and then went to a village near the sea. Ahhh how awesome. It was the best summer ever, really.

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