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If you are bored is it better to do so alone or with someone?

Asked by rojo (23835points) March 13th, 2018

Or if you are bored does it even matter?

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Don’t bother someone else with your boring; shake yourself out of it and go be pleasant company.

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I’m far more likely to be bored when I’m with someone than when I’m by myself. Alone, I have plenty to do, whereas when I’m with some people, I feel trapped: certain relatives, for example, whose idea of a conversation is to talk about other relatives, or even friends and neighbors I don’t know, and who don’t seem to have any thoughts of their own.

Even if I become old and ill, impaired and immobile, I don’t expect to be bored because I’ve spent a lifetime collecting things to think about. Just please don’t make me watch TV.

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One of the things I really miss (now that I’m ohhh so adult ~) is being able to just do nothing with friends. Any time I get together with anyone now it has to be a big thing, just by the inertia of trying to get free time to line up with someone else in the first place.

I used to just go to someone’s house, meet them there, and spend hours doing whatever came along, even if it was not really all that entertaining. That was basically what weekends were all about.

I kind of miss that. So I’d rather be bored with someone else I suppose. I get bored watching kiddos sometimes, but I don’t remember the last time I was bored by myself.

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Only boring people get bored. So alone I guess, probably not fun company ha

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