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What is it about the healing process that causes the itch?

Asked by rojo (23836points) March 13th, 2018

And not the slow buildup dry skin itch but the instantaneous, out of nowhere, full bore, deep itch that you want to claw your way through your skin to stop itch.

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I did some quick research, and the under the skin itching is linked to reactions to meds and even cancer (not to freak anyone out) here
Other people are saying it’s because your nerves are “confusing” your brain and the itch is in a different part of your skin, but the nerves there aren’t as sensitive or accurate in those areas.

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I’m gonna go with the confused nerves, at least in my case. They have been jumping from a crackling, kind of like popping bubble wrap to a burning sensation and now itching. There was some major nerve damage from the incision and they all seem to fire off at one time. Still…

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