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How would you feel, and what would you do, if you got fired, and only learned of that via your boss' twitter feed?

Asked by ragingloli (43799points) March 13th, 2018

Like a certain guy named after a dinosaur.

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Actually, it would be more merciful to be fired that way than to have to be in the same room with, or be on the same phone call with, his Trumpiness.

For Tillerson, this has to be a relief. A godsend to not have to put up with this shit any more.

And he’s wealthy. He’ll retire and enjoy life.

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I guess it would depend on how much you liked or depended on your job. Getting fired if you really like or depend on your job is never fun. As for getting notified by twitter, I’m withholding judgment. First, I suspect there was more direct discussion than just twitter. If you are going to fire someone, they may or may not follow you on social media so firing them on social media may or may not be an effective way of notifying them. I do find that notifying the world via twitter is pretty crass. But if I worked for someone that felt that was the proper way of doing things, I have to say I would have left long before that.

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And the guy named after a dinosaur isn’t even on twitter. The tweet had to be printed out for him.

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I’d feel confused that I was looking at a Twitter feed, as I don’t even know how to do that.

If I were the fellow I assume you mean, I would think I had been sacrificed by the men who pull strings. As a coward and pawn, I would think whether I were satisfied I had been fully told what to do in this case, and try to obey my instructions to avoid the more unpleasant fates they could inflict if I were to displease them further.

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I think that might depend in part on how much I already hated that boss.

That kind of treatment is virtually certain to garner some sympathy for the person affected, even if he didn’t merit it otherwise. Some bosses would be careful about things like publicly humiliating subordinates. But there can’t be anyone left among those particular subordinates, up to and including spouses, that would be surprised at such callous behavior in our presiding vulgarian dotard.

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I’d think my boss was a pathetic loser, incapable of doing it in person.

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Pretty sure I would have a hard time keeping my opinions about my worthless, piece of shit boss to myself.

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Been there done that got the t-shirt, being the guy who does the firing i’m bound to say it feels rather pleasant actually

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