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Is it unethical for a licensed therapist to have a weekly show on YouTube?

Asked by rockfan (9394points) March 13th, 2018 from iPhone

Kati Morton is a popular mental health blogger on YouTube and while I really like her content, it’s a little worrying to me that she’s also a licensed therapist. Her clients can anonymously comment on her videos and get feedback from her. Which probably happens often because she replies to every comment. Your thoughts?

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Forgive me for not understanding the point here, but why would that be unethical?

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I don’t get it either. As long as she is not revealing details and names from private therapy sessions, what would be the ethical issue?

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As presented without details – and as previously noted by @canidmajor and @janbb – there’s no reason on its face for the issue to be a concern – at all.

If she’s doing “a therapy session on YouTube”, well, that might be different, especially if her client / patient is in any way identifiable. (And people are always identifiable.)

What’s your particular concern?

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Why would it unethical? As long as she doesn’t name names or closely identify a patient, what’s the problem?

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There are two major schools of thought on therapy – one is that the therapist is not known, or connected with the client, outside of the therapy office. The other that the therapist models behavior for clients.

It isn’t a matter of ethics, it is a matter of style.

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