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Is there a term/condition for someone that will never admit fault?

Asked by jrpowell (40542points) August 16th, 2008

This is the best I have came up with.

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WTF????( whatthefluther)? Grin

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This could turn ugly..

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huaghty, supercillious

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@sccrowell…you screwed up again. I have no problem admitting fault…hell, I’m guilty of lots of stuff and will freely admit to same. However, if I state something with confidence, I am always right so I never have to admit I am wrong. There is a difference.

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sociopath; and yes, “narcissistic personality disorder” will work fine.

why do you ask, jp?

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My mother has never done anything wrong. It is always someones else fault if something goes wrong in her life. I wanted to know of a term to describe this behavior. Then I can tell her she has it. And then she can blame me for her having it.

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Psychologically speaking, it is known as projection (in the sense that admitting fault is something that is “unwanted”) and is apparently common in the disorder you mentioned. As for an adjective, I’m at a loss right now.

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A politician?

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JP, I’m terribly sorry for making light of your question with my whatthefluther answer. I hope you’ll accept my apology.

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My mother also… aka Narcissism according to the psychiatrist I saw for eons. The clinical text book he lent me covered both pathologies. They overlap, I think, but since the text was translated from the German, it was pretty dense and used lots of big words.

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When my mother was diagnosed by her psychiatrist, I’d never heard of it. I looked it up, and sure enough, it fit her to a “T”.

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@Gail: A tough way to grow up, eh?

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Sounds like something mom’s have it a lot. Thats kind of weird.

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I’m a Mom and I don’t have it! And if I do, it’s because of my kids! :o)

Seriously, that is the guilt mothers put on their children for them to test themselves to the best of their ability and attain goals they didn’t think were possible!

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I have been told by family members that I will never admit when I am wrong but they are of course mistaken.

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