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How do you remove pen ink from nylon, preferably, the do it yourself way?

Asked by flo (13313points) March 14th, 2018

I suppose I can Google it, but I want the most tried and true way instead of wasting time with the trial and error.

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“To remove stains from washables
ink – ball-point pen
Pour denatured alcohol through the stain. Rub in petroleum jelly. Sponge with non-flammable dry cleaning solvent. Soak in detergent solution. Wash with detergent and bleach safe for fabric.”
-as printed in “A Book of Favorite Recipes” Copyright 1969–1989 by Circulation Service, Inc., P.O. box 7306, Leawood, Kansas 66207

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@flo Rubbing alcohol can often take it out.

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Hairspray use to work on Black Ink. Blue ink, I can’t say.

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@flo Hairspray! Yes!

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Thanks! I’ll try them.

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