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What are some important weather formulas (mathematical) (with units)

Asked by jleiden222 (16points) March 14th, 2018

I’m looking for mathematical formulas related to meteorology (the science of weather): I’ve got so far on my Microsoft Word these formulas:

- Density
– Mass
– Volume
– Relative, Absolute, Specific and Body Humidity
– Dewpoint
– Temperature Conversions
-Wind Speed (mph and knots)
– Density of Dry and Humid Air
– Specific Heat
– Cloud Base
– Vapor Pressure (Saturated and Actual)
– Mixing Ratios (Actual and Saturated)
– Station Pressure
– Kinetic and Potential Energy
– Pressure Altitude
– Temperature Loss (due to elevation)
– Geostrophic Wind
– Pressure Gradient
– Thermal Diffusivity and Thermal Conductivity
– Wind Chill and Heat Index
– Thunderstorm/Lightning Distance (in both miles and km)
– Thunderstorm Related Indicies (K, Showalter, Lifted, SWEAT, Vertical Totals, Cross Totals, Totals Totals)
– Convective Available Potential Energy (CAPE)
– Bulk Richardson Number
– NESIS Algorithim
– Wien’s Law
– Stefan Boltzmann Law
– Storm Surge Residual
– Moisture Index
– Dryness Index
– Humidity Index
– Energy Consumption & Cost
– Hurricane Sustained Winds (mph)
– Tornado Sustained Winds (mph)

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I’ll add a few more to the list

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Do you know of any more LuckyGuy?

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Sure! I didn’t want to be too specific.
Anything concerning the selective absorption of different wavelengths of light from space, through the upper atmosphere to the ground. Concentration of O2, CO2, N2, etc.
Various ions used to detect radiation testing.

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