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What do you think is the most common text message sent from phone to phone?

Asked by Jeruba (47957points) March 16th, 2018

What text is sent more frequently than any other? Just asking you to guess here.

This is about content, not form. For the purposes of this question, any spelling, abbreviation, or symbol that expresses the same message counts as the same message.


Tags as I wrote them: phones, cellphones, text messages, txt, social connections.

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or maybe

Ha! / LOL

although LOL is kind of out of date.

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I was thinking it might be “Where are you?” in any number of variants.

Although come to think of it, my most frequent text is probably “K.”

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On my way.

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You’re fired

We have staff for that

By golly what a spiffing set of bosoms you have madam

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Will be a little late?
Can you talk?

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Yes or No

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Vore me, Daddy

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What’s my balance?

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“Are you out tonight?”, “I’m horny”, “do you like ‘mine’?”, “I want you”, “I wanna f*uck you”, etc. These are very common in dating sites that allow explicit show of nude pictures and seeing that such sites are very common and widespread I think such words would somehow pass the criteria.

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I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it.

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What’s up?

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