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Why does rice have such a high glycemic index?

Asked by 2davidc8 (9219points) March 18th, 2018

The nutrition label on my bag of rice says that the rice has 0g sugar. It does have 37g carbohydrates. But I figure that these are complex carbs, and would take longer to get converted into the simple sugars that raise the blood sugar level. So why is the glycemic index of rice so high?

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Because they aren’t complex carbs, but rather simple ones that break down very quickly. Same as a potato, simple starches could be described as sugars waiting to happen.

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Or in laymans terms, carbs turn to sugar in your blood.

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I always assume white carbs are basically the same as sugar. White rice, white bread, crackers, pasta, potato, it’s all basically the same. Not exactly the same, but close. Starches start digesting, breaking down, in your mouth! Instant calories.

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Rice is a starch, almost all starch. You can get a little bit lower glycemic index by using brown rice, but it’s just not very good for you, especially if you are diabetic.

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Starch is basically a chain of glucose molecules ( That’s why you get sugar when your body breaks it down. Simple starches break down quickly. Complex carbohydrates take longer to break down.

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OK, got it. Thanks, everybody!

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