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Doctor Who's Coat?

Asked by CreativeCricket (58points) August 16th, 2008

Does anyone know what type/brand of coat David Tennant wears as the 10th Doctor?

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It’s a long brown suede trench coat. His suit is by Paul Smith… but I’m not sure about the coat itself. Maybe the same designer. You could probably find something similar without too much looking, I mean, trench coats are fairly ubiquitous. Hope this helps.

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I’ve already done too much looking. I can’t find it anywhere! I do know that it’s most likely a duster, not a trench. I’m just wondering if anyone else has more info :-) Thanks for your answer, though!

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Ahh, it could be. Hell, ring the BBC and ask them. Good luck. :)

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i just found that my self while searching the inter-webs

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