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What do you think of being moved to the top of the page after marking a GA?

Asked by LostInParadise (30067points) March 21st, 2018

Recently a change was made to Fluther to show you a message at the top of the page telling you that you just marked an answer as GA. I don’t need any such message. I just have to check that the GA count for the question has gone up by one. I find it annoying to lose my place in looking at the answers.

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That isn’t a new thing. That is a reoccurring bug when something goes wrong and some javascript doesn’t load.

Not much you can do until they fix it. That should not happen.

And yeah.. I don’t click a GA when this happens.

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^^ What he said.

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I don’t want to see a message thanking me for marking a GA or GQ. That’s new, I think. It takes up space and time and is less than useless. It’s intrusive. Whatever its purpose may be, it’s failing, unless the purpose is annoyance.

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@Jeruba Not new and unintended – as @johnpowell says above, it is a glitch that happens occasionally and needs to be remediated.

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It drives me crazy.

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No charge optional equipment

Undocumented enhancement

It is what we have, learn to code and fix it if it really bothers you!

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@janbb, a message that says “Marked great answer… Thanks.” is unintended? How could an unintended message get into the code? I’ll swear it wasn’t there until lately.

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The message is not new. It has been part of the site since the very beginning. But it is supposed to show up only for new users. There are actually a lot of things that only happen the first time (or the first few times) you do something on Fluther as a way of acclimating new users to how the site works. But as @johnpowell notes, there is a bug that causes it to sometimes show up for established members.

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Yeah.. that’s annoying to say the least. On a side note “Related threads” are fun to watch.. “Painful Stomach Issues” is related to this thread. I think it picked up based on keyword “Issue”. Headache would have been more appropriate..)

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It’s annoying. But I know that it’ll be fixed. That’s more than I can say for just about anything that I actually pay for.

#FUCKcomcast – Never going back!

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Thanks all. The problem seems to have been corrected.

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@Jeruba I have had it happen before from time to time and then it goes away. @SavoirFaire ‘s explanation is the clearest.

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@lostinParadise No, I’m still having the problem.

imrainmaker's avatar’s working now!!

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Here’s another vote for “It’s annoying”.

What I did when it was happening, was right click on GQ or GA, and then select “Open Link in New Tab”. That way, the blue banner was relegated to the hidden tab.

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Quick question for anyone who is still experiencing this: does clicking the “x” at the right edge of the box keep it from appearing again?

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Did anyone else have the problem of not being able to toggle from General to Social to Meta on the phone version? I had that problem all week, but last night, that problem seems to have been resolved.

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