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What kinds of activities do people like to do in the parks?

Asked by onionfox (4points) March 22nd, 2018 from iPhone
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Walk, sit, picnic, play games, play catch, read a book, sit in the sun, watch the birds, walk the dog, throw balls for their dogs, see performances, ride a bike, run, skateboard, do yoga, practice qi gong, do windy hop dancing, rollerblade, do hula-hooping.

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Camp, trail ride, picnic, fish and a million other things.

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It depends on what kind of parks you mean.
City parks? Play with the dog, play catch, check out the girls, check out the boys, have a picnic with friends and family, feed the ducks, go to the zoo,
National parks? All of the above plus camping, fishing, possibly hunting, drinking, smoking (when and where permitted…), ...

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Welcome to Fluther @onionfox!

I’m with @kritiper on this. It depends on the park. We take our dog to the local park for walks while we check out the nature around us and talk. I used to (in my youth) throw frisbees or footballs, hang with friends, have picnics, etc. I have been to national parks and what is done varies by park. Generally camping and hiking, though there might be other activities to do.

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Well I’m on Park Committee and what we found is that people love basketball, kite flying, concerts/ live music, bbq-ing, frisbee, baseball and yes, lots of exercise/ walking/dogs. Kids love the spray park and jungle gyms most.

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Some people use it for dogging.

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I feed the ducks.

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Poison pigeons.

Tom Lehrer sang about it. link

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Sketch random people

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I live across the road from a park. It is a large wildlife management area. People go there to bird watch, fish, study wildlife, hunt: deer, turkey, ducks, geese, rabbits….
Scout troops have overnight campouts and learn about the sky and stars.

There are no services so anything you bring in must be carried out.

I find the biggest users during the day are people out walking their dogs. At night teenagers go there to practice mating techniques in the darkness.

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I heard somewhere that 6.279% of all the residents in this town were conceived in that park!
But there is some uncertainty in that statistic.

Now that it is a State park it is open 24/7 for legal activities with no services (no lights) provided.
It would be a great place to picnic under the stars – if it were not for the coyotes and other scary predators that cruise the area at night. People tend to stay in or very close to their cars at night.

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I just thought of another popular activity. It is a great place to practice flying drones and ultralight aircraft.

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Parks are good places to be among people and outdoors at the same time, without having to actually interact with people or buy anything.

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