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Where is the best place to rent an appartment in Uptown Dallas?

Asked by cityshark (100points) August 16th, 2008

My girlfriend just got a promotion and we are moving from Denver to Dallas. We just graduated college and are looking for a young and hip place to live. We love music and the arts.

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Check out the area surrounding the American Airlines Center in Downtown Dallas… they’ve started placing in new high-rise apartments. You are in walking distance of the entertainment district, cultural district and so on. If they are too pricey (depends on the kind of promotion you’re talking about), then you can consider also Highland Park, the surrounding area around the Magnolia Theater. During the week, but especially the weekends, the 3-block shopping center is a big hub for “trendy” (see: We all shop at the same 3 stores) fashionistas and “cool kids”. Restaraunts, dancing, music, independent film theater and so on.

Dallas is expensive though. If money’s a thing, you could do just fine living where I do (Arlington, TX). It’s about 25–30 minutes away from two big cities (Dallas AND Fort Worth), and both cities are great for everything. Myself? I lean more towards Fort Worth because there’s a lot of teenagers in Dallas who just… well, don’t “mix” with the aesthetic. In Fort Worth, parking’s free after dark and on weekends, and you can literally walk the entire downtown area and discover a ton of great stuff to do that doesn’t cost what Dallas does. There’s also street musicians (not hobos, people paid by the city to perform), comedy clubs, bars (if you’re into that), book stores, and a terrific movie theater called The Palace. They have a mix of mainstream and indie films there, prices are great, and it’s one of the oldest in Fort Worth.

Plus, living in Arlington puts you “right there” with Six Flags Over Texas, Hurricane Harbor, Hawaiian Falls, Texas Rangers Baseball and Dallas Cowboys Football stadiums. Arlington even has terrific public pools… they’re like, $6 for residents have large pools, pools for kids, water slides, “lazy rivers” and outdoor snack bar/grill… all in a single location often times :)

You could save thousands of dollars a year living in a city like Arlington and be close to both Dallas AND Fort Worth.

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With all due respect to @Lovelocke, I spent 3.5 years commuting to Arlington while working on my masters from UTA and I failed to find anything appealing about the city. I’ve heard it’s the largest city in the U.S. with no public transportation. Arlington’s great if your the kind of guy that wears socks with his sandals while taking the family to Six Flags followed up by a nice chain restaurant dinner </snobbery>.

My wife and I lived in the Interurban Building for a short time and absolutely loved it. While it’s not exactly Uptown, it is centrally located and has downtown’s only grocery store on the first floor (with an attached bar).

True, living in downtown Dallas can be expensive, but if you also work there, you’ll save a ton on gas. I would got six weeks or more without filling up my tank when we lived downtown.

Also check out craigslist. You might consider Deep Ellum, even though I’ve heard it’s gotten a bit sketchy.

Good luck in the move and enjoy your new home. Remember, keep Dallas pretentious.

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It is, but we’re a little over a year away before a bus/lightrail system is instituted. It goes hand in hand with the Cowboys historically.

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thank god for DART lol

man good times, good times

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