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Whatever happened to Trump’s big parade?

Asked by stanleybmanly (24123points) March 24th, 2018 from iPhone

Did I miss it?

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Scheduled for Veterans day in November.

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I was wondering this too. I was hoping the idea had been dismissed. I guess not if it is scheduled for November. Huge waste of money, and not what I want as the picture of America.

I wonder if it works as a recruiting tool these big parades?

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It is going to cost 30 million dollars. I think the power of the President to order such things should be limited. Supposedly, we could house all the homeless vets for that amount of money.

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It won’t fit.

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@Jay, gosh! Where did you find that!? What an adorbsie pick.

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I hope it rains.

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I hope not one single spectator spectates.

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At least it was agreed there will be no tanks. So some dudes walking and some planes. NFL Sunday without the entertainment. He really wanted tanks rumbling down the streets.

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Veteran’s Day is the 12th (Monday) of November..

Election Day is the previous Tuesday (November 6). The best thing I can suggest is voting all Trump candidates OUT on Election Day, so that there will be a cloud over Trump’s parade.

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~ ~ ~He’s waiting for Putin to visit.

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