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Anyone like shy people?

Asked by dopeguru (1925points) March 24th, 2018

Seems like outgoing, outspoken and loud people are the ones that get others’ attention most of the time. I was wondering if its also common for shy people to be seen as ‘attractive’?? Can shyness be a hot quality!?

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Very much. More than the highly outgoing ones, in fact. Those folks are great as “entertainers” in some venues (like parties, for example, or other social groups), but quiet folks make the best friends, I’ve found.

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Why not? I don’t know about hotness quality but have known many people who are shy yet found them attractive.

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Actually, a diversity among personalities is the best mix, in my opinion.

I like shy people just fine, if they are interesting, compassionate people. I am one of the “outgoing, outspoken and loud” people that @CWOTUS seems to think poorly of, and of course I get more attention than a shy person, in some circumstances, because I make an effort to engage others. Simply waiting to be noticed (for whatever reason) isn’t often effective in initiating contact.

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Yes. Probably falls under the “Moe” category.

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Shy people can be awesome, it intrigues and challenges my finer conversation skills and compassion.

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You can imagine anything, @canidmajor, but all I did was note a preference. I didn’t say that I thought poorly of anyone. Please don’t make me change my mind.

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I tend to prefer shyer people for dating. More on my wavelength. I myself am a very shy person and I think I’d prefer someone a little more like myself. The only two people I’ve ever been with were maximum levels of outgoing and it could get embarrassing at times.
I’m shy but think of myself as a deep thinker more. Personally I love shy women. Super hot. I think it’s cute, intriguing. Not sure about how women feel about men, but I believe some women like shy men too…Then again, different people have different tastes, and also being shy/extroverted is just one of many aspects of the personality…Other personal traits (and/or physical appearance) may take precedence over being perceived “attractive” or not.

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Back in the day, when I was more social, my favorite men were shy, and blush when I flirted with them.
I knew a man for a while who almost never spoke, and when he did it would be very quiet. I used to carry Lifesaver candies because when I offered him one, he would look at me instead of the floor and quietly say thank you.

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I have friends that run the spectrum from shy, and quieter (not someone who completely clams up) to outgoing and boisterous (but no know it all big mouths) and a few in between.

The common denominator of why I like theae people, mo matter where they fall on the spectrum is that they are kind, thougtful, intelligent, interesting and interested in other people and subjects. Basically they’re nice and enjoyable (to me) to be around.

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Yes. Though I think “shy” is often applied to people who just aren’t extroverted, too.

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Outgoing people seem to get the most attention because people will always look at the loudest person in the room. That’s perfectly fine but I think when you are more on the quiet side you will attract people’s attention in a different way.

As far as shy people being attractive or hot…. Ummm yes!! There is something very attractive about a person who observes and listens and they tend to connect on a deeper level.

*There is nothing wrong with outgoing people. My partner is extremely outgoing and I am very quiet (not shy). He was attracted to me because I was mysterious and I listened to him deeply. I was attracted to him because he made me feel comfortable opening up and his confidence was incredibly hot.

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@TheGirlInterrupted Overly extroverted and superficial-attention-craving people also get ignored and avoided by some people – but they may tend not to notice.

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