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How about an example in which the society is not following you with care (the example is inside)?

Asked by luigirovatti (1607points) March 24th, 2018

Let’s say you are put in a psychiatric hospital for suicidal tendencies. You have a husband, but he recently left prison and he doesn’t still have a job (ergo, a salary). For clicking and following so patiently, let’s add as a bonus that you have waited 4 years for your husband to get out of jail. What would you do?

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Remarry a stable person. Perferably a financialy independent person who obeys the law.

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If i knew he was guilty of the crime, I would not have waited four years.

And, if he was let out of prison and did not come home to me, I would really move on.

You don;t say what the suicidal ideation is about, but once I was ready to leave the psychiatric hospital, I would move on with my life.

And take responsibility for myself.

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@zenvelo: I don’t understand your answer. What if the husband doesn’t have money to eat?

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If the husband doesn’t have money to eat, how can that be the problem of the person in the hospital? Hopefully the husband has other relatives that can help him. The person in the hospital has only one responsibility, and that is to herself to get well and healthy.

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I guess I would find a placeto stay, get a job and lay low. Husband same thing.

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Or I would move home with family.

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Thanks @chyna for answering how I was going to respond. The husband has abandoned the wife. She has no responsibility for him in any way, shape, or form. If he is hungry, he can go work or scrounge off someone else.

And, what does this have to do with society “not caring”? Society is caring for your mental health!

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I’m a little confused by the question, but let’s see if I can craft an answer. There are several things that I see that seem to go together. Suicidal. Need to understand what is depressing me and why I feel so desperate that death seems the answer. Husband has been in jail for 4 years and now is out but can’t/won’t get a job. That is stress. The source of the depression? Maybe. Husband can’t afford to eat. Added stress….worry about husband. Adding to depression? If I am in the hospital, I can’t earn money or have time to take care of husband. Possible solutions: Tell husband to go to the food bank and get food. He can at least do that much. Work with the psychiatrists to understand the depression and its causes. If husband is the source, then there are two possibilities: Work with him to make him understand the stress he puts on you or dump him. If you try to work with him and he gives lip service or doesn’t want to change, then dump him.
If I am in the hospital, I can’t take care of my husband. I need to be well to do that. If my husband isn’t willing to support me as much as I support him, then he isn’t much of a husband. Certainly not worth my time or worry.

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I read the question a few times and am still confused I think but I read it as a husband went to prison and now I am suicidal because he came out and dumped me? Or, is still in prison not sure?
Either way, I would not be with a person who breaks the law enough to be in prison for 4 years. So, if it did happen, I’d have taken steps years ago to focus on me. Find a job, find myself, find out what I want from life. It’s important. We only have one life and it’s precious and I want to live life to the fullest.

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