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Anybody any idea what this animal is?

Asked by Hochziege (2points) March 25th, 2018


I have found this thing on my desk, does anyone have any idea what it might be? I’m super worried it might be dangerous? Could it be a tick? My brother has been bit last summer and got sick from one, so that’s fresh on my mind
The thing is a bit bigger than a millimetre and it has six legs, the bum is brown the rest seems black. Sorry re the pics, it was a bit too small for my phone cam
Thanks in advance!

Here’s the pics I have:

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Hard to tell because most of teh pictures are out of focus, but it certainly resemles a tick. Do you still have it? You might be able to take to an exterminator company to identify.

It isn’t engorged, and you didn’t find it on your body, so be glad you weren’t bit. And it doesn’t look like a deer tick, so ease your mind about Lyme disease.

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Since the pictures are so small it’s difficult to be sure, but it looks like some sort of beetle. There are more species of beetles than any other living creature. I would not be worried about it being a tick. Ticks do not have 6 legs like insects do, but, have 8 legs, like all arachnids.

An exterminator could identify it. Take one in to their office, and they might not charge you to identify it.

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Take the thing down to a pest control guy and find out what it is. Then you will sleep well at night!

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