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Can you coffee drinkers clear up this question for me? Please see inside for details?

Asked by chyna (48111points) March 26th, 2018 from iPhone

I don’t drink coffee so I don’t get this. Why would anyone want to drink decaf coffee? Isn’t the point in drinking coffee is to get the caffeine? Or is coffee so delicious that you want to drink it even without caffeine?

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Some coffee drinkers do love the taste and the warmth, like tea drinkers do.

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I love the taste of coffee. The caffeine is a great starter in the day, but in the afternoon I love a quality cup of brewed decaf, for the taste. Mmmmmmmmm…about ready now!

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I think coffee is nasty, but I do drink about ½ cup in the morning (diluted with water) for the warmth and it helps me wake up.

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I love coffee, but can do without it if it has no caffeine.

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I generally drink tea because I can drink it with no calories added but occasionally if I am having a donut or something else for breakfast or a snack, I might prefer to have coffee with milk and sugar. Regular coffee makes me jumpy so I get decaf – unless there’s someone I want to jump!

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Coffee has no calories by itself.

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I like the taste of coffee, especially with dessert after a nice dinner. But I can’t sleep very well if I have caffeine after 6 o’clock at night. So I get decaf!

What makes no sense to me is my ex wife’s addiction to caffeine-free diet Coke.

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@Dutchess_III Nobody said it did.

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Thou shall not partake of decaf

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Many coffee drinkers disdain decaf, but some like the flavor enough to want decaf (usually at night because they have trouble sleeping if they’ve ingested caffeine later in the day).

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I have never understood people who drink coffee all day long, and even into the night. What is the allure?

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We like the taste. That simple, really.

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“I have never understood people who drink coffee all day long, and even into the night. What is the allure?”
Hey now, That’s me you’re describing. It’s good, I like it. There are no other reasons.

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I also love the taste of coffee but caffeine doesn’t blend in with my body. I can’t digest the uric acid in coffee beans. So I have searched for an alternative and found a delicious coffee that tastes just like coffee, literally you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference and without the uric acid, so cool. It is corn based coffee. It took me a while to find it, but now I am hooked!!

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I adore the smell and taste of coffee. No sugar, just milk. Iced or hot. It’s all I drink other than water.

I’ll have full cafe in the morning, and a decaf in the afternoon so as to not get too zippy.

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@cookieman If you get too zippy do you start rolling around on the floor?

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@janbb: No, but I do start to look like this:

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I have to drink decaf since my surgery. And I chose to sometimes before my surgery. Too much caffeine makes me jittery. Coffee still tastes good even without the caffeine.

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It has to have something to do with the caffeine, not just the taste. It is addictive, you know.

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@marinelife Agreed, I love late night coffee but I’m super sensitive to caffeine.

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Some people love the taste on its own, some people really appreciate coffee paired with certain foods, especially desserts. The caffeine might have really helped them get in the habit of drinking coffee, but even if they give up caffeine, or want to drink less caffeine in the evening, they still appreciate the ritual.

I never was a coffee drinker, but I was addicted to caffeine via Coca-cola and I love hot tea with certain cookies. Unfortunately, caffeine free Coke is drastically different tasting than the real thing, but even still, sometimes the carbonation and sugar are close enough to fulfill my craving for Coke with certain foods. Caffeine free tea is just fine.

Coffee drinkers are lucky that decaf is available at almost all restaurants. Caffeine free tea at restaurants is almost always some herbal thing I don’t want, and caffeine free Coke is always diet that I don’t want.

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