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Fluther users - Where are you residing?

Asked by Mr_M (7596points) August 16th, 2008

I’m from New York.

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The suburbs of Los Angeles.

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Sunny Southern California.

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Mr M, have you been introduced to our fantabulous Fluther Map ? Not everyone’s on there, but we occasionally bring it to the Fluther’s attention so it can be updated by new users.

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Huh. I never knew about that map, and it has so few users on it. How can we update it?

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Denver, Colorado

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@tiny – and anyone wanting to add themselves:
Check the thread I linked above, it also discusses some user issues. In short: log in to google, go to the map, find your location and drop a pin and make a comment that that’s your location.

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Silver Lake in Los Angeles CA.

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you’ll have to click the “edit” button, then drag one of the blue placemarkers from the toolbar to your location

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For the time being: Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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Lawrenceburg Tennessee

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I live in the San Fernando Valley and work in the West Hollywood/Beverly Hills adjacent area of Los Angeles.

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Columbus, Ohio.

Like about nineteen other Flutherites.

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Arlington, Virginia just outside of Washington DC

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That map is cool. How do I put a pin in NY?

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Southern California. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

I really live in Omaha, but I am a Southern California native and I’ve been here less than two years.

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Zoom into your location, click the button that says “edit”, click the blue placemarker symbol up on the toolbar and drag it to your location. Voila.

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Huddersfield, near Leeds in Britain. I just added myself to the Fluther map.

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city: montreal, province: quebec, country: canada

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Sunny San Diego, California

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I can’t find an “edit” button or a blue placemarker symbol. Do I have to register and sign in?

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Can see the map, all the flags and remarks, however.

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Bay Shore, New York!

I love Long Island.

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Crescent City, California

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San Antonio Texas

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Houston Texas

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Palm Springs, California

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Spencertown, NY 12165. 57 miles of dirt roads and population of 1600.

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Hot and Humid Columbus, MS

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Fun fluther facts:
From what I can tell, (and going by who has dropped a pin on the map) ebeneezer and I might be the closest two jellies (who don’t know each other or aren’t family). It’s a really close race between us and the ben/AlenaD distance. A close third place finish is Andrew and the WTF-Scrowell household.

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There is me, MacBean and someone who lives in Troy, New York. And EzraGlenn and Mirza’s younger brother just entered Bard College, down the road, as freshmen. Of course around here, a 30 minute drive is considered around-the-corner.

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Ah yes, but the distances between ben/AlenaD and ebeneezer/breedmitch is about a mile in either case. And the Andrew/WTF-Scrowell distance seems to be under five miles “as the crow flies”, which means for LA, you can be there in just under 45 minutes. :)
Does Mirza’s brother fluther?

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Is this creepy stalker-ish?

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Row4food is the Troy, NY resident. Given the lack of traffic here and only two stoplights in a 20 mile stretch of road, we may be psychologically the same distances. Or is that stretching it? I’d rather drive my 30 minutes and see stunning views of the Catskill Mts.,
the Hudson River Valley, and the rolling hills of the Berkshires, Taconics, and Helderbergs (red-tailed hawks, snapping turtles, deer, blue herons)

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Kelly, Woodstock, IL
not THE Woodstock of 1968

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The little lake town know as Heber Springs, Arkansas.

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Fluther should link that user map onto the site and try adding statistics (population, hours online, etc.) That would really help us “tap the collective” more specifically.

Toronto, Canada!

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alton, IL :)
near stlouis, MO

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Considering the scale of things around here, I’m pretty sure osullivanbr and fabulous can’t me much more than “around the corner” from me :)

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Seems to be ten miles or so. You guys should meet!

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Chances are we will next time I have an issue with my phone ;)

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The edit button brings up the name of someone else. Do I edit that?

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No, just ignore that. Click the blue placemarker icon, then click the location on the map where you want to put it. That will open a text box where you can enter your info.

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Pensacola, Florida

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I did it. You DO have to log in to google. I think someone tried to help me by making a Mr_M pin, only they didn’t tell me as far as I know. I deleted it since i made my own. Thanks anyway!

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Whew! I had a hard time with it, too. Not intuitive!

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When I first tried, I ended up living in Quebec; then I deled someone in Troy, NY and then replaced him Now I am close, I think.

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right on the border of connecticut and putnam county, ny.

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Still here in Middle-fornia

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North (central) Minnesota

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Palm Harbor FL

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I’m in the northern exurbs of Columbus Ohio.

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Jesus, another from Columbus? This is starting to get pretty ridiculous.
Welcome, Jason. There’s about ten of us from Columbus.

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That Fluther map is good and I encourage everyone to put their pin on it. It’s a good way of showing the time zones people come from and, when up to date, CAN reflect peak usage time periods. Usage times are good to know if you want to toss out a question when you think most people would be on to see it.

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Vancouver, Canada

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