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My ipod isnt detected?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6765points) August 16th, 2008

i just installed leopard and ilife ‘08 (finally), and now i want to add music to my ipod and it wont detect the ipod. how can i detect it. and by the way, im in a hurray; im leaving to alaska at 4 am tommorrow morning.

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Run Software Update and restart everything. Try using a different USB cable or eliminating the iPod Dock.

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Try and check if it appears in Disk Utility. (spotlight it)

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What Dave said, but you could also try another USB port and just to isolate whether it’s the iPod or mac, try connecting to another machine if you can.
This might also be useful:

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i spotlighted it, but it isnt there. i also tried both my usb ports and a different cable. i restarted my mac and the ipod, but to no avail. is the ipod screwed up?

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it also makes a beeping sound when i connect it with the mac like when i charge it. it was working yesterday perfectly fine, but maybe it has to do with the recent installation of leopard and ilife????????

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i reinstalled itunes and it works perfectly. thanks for all the tips :D

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