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If you lost your phone right now would you know what to do?

Asked by LuckyGuy (40285points) March 31st, 2018

Imagine your phone was lost or stolen right now. What would you do?
What would your first steps be?
Would the loss set you back for a long time?
Are you prepared for this?

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Nothing would happen. I have no apps or anything like that on my flip-phone so no big deal. I am assuming your talking about cell phone but the impact would be about the same for my home phone as well.

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First I cancel service due to lost or stolen. Then I’d see about getting a new phone. The most important thing about a cell phone to me is the ability for people to get a hold of me. All the added bells and whistles are nice, but I can do without.

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I’d try to find it by phoning it, retracing my steps from where I had it last, etc.

If it were gone, I’d let the phone company know and get a replacement (probably a used phone bought online, if I didn’t already have multiple phones for software testing) hooked up to my phone account in its place.

And there’s a way to reload a bunch of stuff that was backed up to the network. I might have to email some folks for their numbers again unless Google’s been tracking those. I’d lose some notes, photos and recordings. Nothing terribly dire.

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I’d get a new one.

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The only thing that matters to me with my phone is the numbers I have stored on it,other than that it means NOTHING!
I would just report it stolen, and have the number frozen so who ever had it couldn’t use my number for anything then just go get another flip phone and have my number put on it.

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Well, it’s automatically frozen for 30 or 60 days. Have I told you about the time Iost my number, then one I’d had since I moved her in 1995, and what a tragedy that was, and a year later got it back and I have it to this day?

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I’ve got two different cellphone finder apps.

I’ve got insurance for loss or damage (replace it).

Go look between console and front seat, been there too many times to count.

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Nothing really. It would kinda suck to buy a new one. But I barely use it.

I use my computer to charge the phone so itunes and Photos suck up all the data each time I plug it in. And I can just kill the phone whenever so it can’t easily be resold.

There have been a lot of robberies/muggings around my apartment recently and one woman was mugged and all she had was her phone and they didn’t even bother to steal it.

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I’d just have to call and enable my old phone, then turn in an insurance claim to get a new one sent overnight. The rest is locked and encrypted and erases after 10 unlock attempts. I can also track it remotely.

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@LuckyGuy My only phone is a “land line” A CapTel phone which uses a relay operator to type the words which appear on the screen of my phone. And you know what? I don’t think I need a “smart phone, cell phone etc”. On a cruise many years ago I was thrilled to be away from the phone for that time. Try it some time. A freeing experience! We become too dependent on some technology. (I feel lost without my computer) If my internet is down I have no captions on my phone. Those times I feel disconnected.

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Here’s why I’m asking. My son lost his. He shut off service, swapped into another phone he had around the house and downloaded all his info. Done!
He know exactly what to do.
It’s good to be prepared.

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@LuckyGuy LOL! It’s not like preparing for a complex invasion!

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Most peoples entire lives are on their damn phones, so I can understand the question @LuckyGuy asked, I ran into a guy the other day at the coffee shop that said he can remote start his new car with his phone.
People can pay their bills via their phones,among a crap load of other things so I can see why you need to know what to do if the damn thing gets stolen or lost.

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The answer is “replace it.”

People do use their phones for a lot of stuff. They can now grocery shop with their phones! They must punch in what that want in whatever store’s app, and they do the shopping and bring it out to you. Very nice for people like my daughter who can not walk through a store.

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I would have been running around not knowing what to do. I didn’t know my provider’s phone number.
My son uses it for everything but was able to replace it in an hour. He knew exactly what to do. He also “bricked” the old one so it can only be used as a paperweight.

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