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Are any unique or under reported solutions or ideas to combat mass shootings in America and around the world that you can come up with ?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17118points) April 3rd, 2018

Something not tried before? Something that is good for both sides of 2nd amendment gun owners and gun control lobbyists? I want new ideas and not to turn this discussion into a bitch at each other fest. It doesn’t have to stick to the United States. It can be any country. In General.

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Arm EVERYBODY! Not the most desirable solution, but possibly the best one that would actually work

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Change the human race.

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How about if you fire more than two shots in ten seconds the gun says “lousy shot wannabe John McClane” and explodes killing the lousy shooter?

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Educate people.

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I heard a good one: any time a mass shooting occurs, no sale of guns or ammunition for thirty days. No gun shows, no private sales, just a moratorium

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That idea just hurts law abiding gun shop owners,^^^ How about we tweak it a bit any time a mass shooting occurs a thirty day moratorium on the model of firearm used and the ammo that model used as well??

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Reduce income inequality Lower homicide rate, including fewer mass shootings, would be one of the indicators of a higher general level of well being.

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Public executions of the shooters, by guns.

Let the people see the reality.

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Well said @LostInParadise but the wealthy will have none of that, they are so hard done by now as it is.

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Step 1: call out the NRA for the terrorist organization that it is. Call it out and bar it from lobbying.

Step 2 to follow after that as any proposal, no matter how sensible, is doomed as long as the NRA holds sway.

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As a society, there are means to instil a sense of security that a gun is a placebo for.
Decent healthcare and eldercare, social safety net, effective wealth redistribution, better funds and training for the police and so on.

Once people do not feel the need to have a gun because they feel physically and financially safe, it becomes possible to discuss calmly about handling the gun hobby more rationally.
Like putting the guns in secured shooting ranges…

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Eliminate gun free zones that just invite mass shooters to enter and shoot down many people with no fear of anyone shooting back at him. Have more poilicemen and armed guards and tain citizens to sue guns well. Israel and Switzerland do not such a problem. Any mass shooter there would quickly be shot himself.

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I tell ya. DMZs, and check points work really well in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq… No problems…

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Islamic nations are barbaric.

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