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What song do you have stuck in your head?

Asked by Dutchess_III (44142points) April 4th, 2018

Jesus Christ Superstar has been resurrected, and now I have that song, “I don’t know how to love him,” stuck in my head.

“He’s a man.
He’s just a man.
And I have so many
Men before
In oh so many ways.
He’s just one more.”

I was in 6th grade when it came out originally. I had no idea what the hell that meant, but it sounded intriguing.

So what’s stuck in your head?

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Right now, it is this one.

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No idea what they’re saying but it’s catchy.

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Victor Vito and Freddie Vasco (by Laurie Berkner)
Ate a burrito with Tabasco.
They put it on their rice.
They put it on their beans.
On their rutabagas
And on their collard greens.

Hey Victor (Hey Victory)
Hey Freddie (Hey Freddie)
Let’s eat some (Let’s eat some)
Spaghetti (Spaghetti)
Hey Victor (Hey Victor)
I’m ready (I’m ready)
To eat some spaghetti with Freddie

ARRRRGHHH ! Make it stop!!!!

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This one right now, and I really like the video but can’t figure out why,LOL.

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Can’t You See by the Marshall Tucker Band.

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Well, at least it’s a good one @seawulf575!

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Really love this one, just my mood today.

@Squeeky You’re silly!

@ragingloli Wow, that was wild!

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Yeah, but it just got replaced by The Baby Elephant Walk. Sometimes I wonder what my head is doing.

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Baby Elephant Walk is my ringtone. :D Pink Panther is my text notification.

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Whenever JCSS comes up it’s “what’s the buzz?” that dances in my head.

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Making Flippy Floppy – Talking Heads

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I had a Kesha song stuck in my head all day yesterday. It was hell.

Then later that night something just as bad took its place. Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus. I was watching the finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars 3 and it was the song Trixie and Kennedy were lip syncing to for the win. At least with Wrecking Ball I have the image of Trixie Mattel singing along. She’s the bee’s knees.

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I actually thought Kesha’s latest album was quite good

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Tik Tok was stuck in my head. I don’t mind some of her other music, but Tik Tok…ugh.

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At the moment I have Steal my Sunshine by Len going through my head, haha.

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@Dutchess_III Call JG Wentworth @ 877 cash now! 877 cash now.

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On the Border by Rod Stewart. Its on my YouTube playlist and I heard it again just now. And now it won’t stop playing in my head. “I thought I saw down in street, the spirit of the Century, telling me that we’re all standing, on the border”.

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I never have songs stuck in my head. My self-discipline is too strong to allow that. I do not listen to music much anyhow. All I ever hear is backgrounds of movies and TV shows. Some of them are so terrible that I use the mute button and watch captions. I like visual arts much better than music. I prefer to read a book or watch a DVD to listening to music.

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