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Can you change the name on your car?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19435points) April 4th, 2018

Like a boat?

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I’m pretty sure the car doesn’t care what her name is.

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Bilbo Buggins would be highly offended if I tried to change his name!

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The Mini Cooper wouldn’t like switching from James Fenimore to Alice.

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@zenvelo Didn’t know you had a Mini too. Maybe Bilbo and James could hook up?

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I don’t currently, want to get one again.

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Could you change the clothing label for one from a more prestigious company? It would definitely be illegal if you tried to sell it with the label. Otherwise, I don’t think it would make a difference.

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From THE car to THE Subaru?

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@all The make and models name. Like the general lee from the dukes of hazard, except your changing the make and model names with you own.

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@RedDeerGuy1 No, you cannot change the make and model of a car. There is a vehicle identification number (VIN) that goes with the car, stamped on the frame and attached to various parts of the car. The VIN is registered in databases and included in that is the make and model.

You can’t change a Dodge into a Chevy or a Ferrari, much as you wish you could.

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I once had a car that I named: Christine. Every time I saved enough money for a car stereo, something would crap out. I was never able to buy a stereo for that car. My roommate gave me the old one from his truck when he upgraded his system.

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