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How do you like your mashed potatoes?

Asked by trudacia (2508points) August 16th, 2008 from iPhone

I tried blue cheese mashed potatoes for the first time and I loved them.

I’m wondering if there are any other special ingredients that people add to make them different. I’ve only ever made them with butter, milk and salt.

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I made them once with Jalapenos and Cheddar Cheese. I didn’t get the consistency quite right, but I’m going to try again. They tasted great.

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add garlic, or ketchup, chives. Just think of ‘em as a potato, and the possibilities are endless!

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I like them kid-classic…formed in the shape of a massive volcano with gravy spewing down the sides.

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I like them with about a half stick of cream cheese mixed in. (the half stick is for the entire pot. not per serving.)

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I use a lot of butter, quite a bit of pepper, and a tiny amount of Lawry’s seasoned salt.

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puree some peas seperatly and then mix the 2 substances together. the end product looks cool too.

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The big question is: lumps or no lumps?

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One word: Garlic.

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Mashed well. I don’t like it when there are little potato chunks still in it. Then I mix in butter and pepper. Sometime I melt cheese on top and add some broccoli and then just eat it like a small meal. Mmm.. mashed potatoes.

Mtl_: Ooooohhhh! Peas and mashed potatoes are soooo good together. I don’t puree mine though, but I’m sure it tastes the same.

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Horseradish is a nice addition especially with fish. Be sure to use freshly grated, but if you must use jarred, make sure it’s not the “creamed” version.
Roasted shallots is also a good option. Roast whole peeled shallots in a 350 degree oven until carmelized. (rub with olive oil first). Then dice and add to potatoes.

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@gail – if I am making them more rustic, I leave the skin on and leave them a little more lumpy.

If I’m making them the way my husband likes them, they are smooth and creamy with a bit of marscapone cheese, butter, a bit of milk, roasted garlic (in the oven) and some salt and pepper.

If I’m making them for my mother or father – I add milk, sour cream, butter, 2 tablespoons of mayo and salt and pepper.

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yum breedmitch! That sounds wonderful!

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Another sneaky addition is pureed, steamed cauliflower.

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@cak: milk, sour cream, butter, and mayo! Wow.

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Or skip the potatoes altogether and serve parsnip puree. Every time I make it for a dinner party, someone always remarks that they are “the best mashed potatoes” they’ve ever had. Sometimes I correct them, sometimes not.

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@breed that reminds me of wasabi mashed potatoes. Really, really good if you like your potatoes hot.

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@ gail…I know, I can’t eat those…it’s bit much for me; however, it’s usually only for my dad’s birthday on Christmas Eve. He has a choice…death potatoes, as I call them or cheesecake. It’s a heated debate between my parents, but I leave the decision up to them.

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I like the Thanksgiving Mashed Potatoes from Silver Palate Good Times. They are made with cream cheese, cream and butter. Artery-slamming-shut rich and delicious.

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Use a ricer. Your grandmothers both had them. They make the potatoes really smooth and airy. Milk (no cream, not yummy cheeses), salt, white pepper (quite a bit). Enough!

In my family we like Smashed Potatoes just like cak’s – leave the skins on and just wallop them for awhile.

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made by my mother :)

it’s the only kind i like.

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With a lot of butter. I recently fell in love with sweet potato mashed potatoes. It sadly made my white potatoes less wonderful.

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@Megan: Mmmm, sweet potatos! I love mine baked forever, then mashed with butter and sprinkled with brown sugar and cinnamon.

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@augustian – I’ll certainly give that a try. It sounds delicious.

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@megan: Best of all, my kids love it, too.

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I like mine with butter sour cream cheese ranch dressing bacon bits chives and garlic ( loaded mashed potatoes)

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@jdogg: Add this to your Christmas list. hehe

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thanks but I jog a mile everyday but it’s the thought that counts

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I figured you’re probably pretty healthy, since you’re trying to “get ripped” but I thought I’d go for the joke.

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mildly lumpy, with butter and roasted garlic and parmesan cheese.

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Garlic and rosemary is one of my favorites – and definitely lumpy!

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Skin on, lumpy, (or whipped to the extreme) with lots of fresh garlic, good ground pepper, butter.

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@breedmitch thanks good timing! jk

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My grandma makes the best mashed potatoes ever. They are super creamy with the right amount of butter and milk, mixed in with the right seasonings. Mmmmmmm delicious.

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Roast garlic, chives and butter…infused in 35% cream…strained over hot, riced russets and seasoned with kosher salt and white pepper.

Mixed with a fork…..and love!

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Nothing fancy, just some butter and milk in there, don’t go adding garlic, cheese, or wasabi in mine.

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