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If you could create a phrase that would catch on all around the country, what would it be?

Asked by trudacia (2508points) August 16th, 2008

Who was the first person to say “A diamond is forever” or “fit as a fiddle”?

Or how about urban sayings like “that’s how I roll” and “baby mama”...

Can we make up a few and see if they catch on? I suspect some of them may become popular fluther phrases.

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Goodbye George!

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craptastic means extremely crappy
bood means so bad its good, often referring to movies
thats all i can think of for now, but i’ll be back.

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I wish I could remove “A diamond is forever” from the question. Now that I think about it, I’m sure it was an ad exec who came up with that one.

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Two used in our family, both of which began as accidents:
What the pudding? (as in What the hell/heck?)
For real and famous? (said in a very earnest voice)
These are words, not phrases, we use:
Squarular (see Circular)
Deliciyum (delicious + yum)

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Round here we say something is “uberbatman” when we find something awesome.

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When someone is being a jerk, s/he is being a Scooby Douche. I don’t know that I’d want to go down in history for that, though…

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Fluther on!

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Get Help.

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“Like rats out of an aquaduct.”

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Aqueduct, AqueChuck?

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I dunno.. but I wish more people besides those in my hometown knew what someone meant when they say “man you’re so salty…”
I dunno where “salty” came from but I love it and say it all the time. too bad no one else knows what it means.

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What does it mean?

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well, let’s say john is about to race jane, and john’s like, “man i’m TOTALLY gonna win. i own this race.” and then jane beats him by a ton. then john is super salty.
or today when i went to steak n shake i was dressed like i just rolled out of bed but i was like, it’s fine, i’m sure there won’t be any cute boys there. and then the boy who i’m totally in love with was there. i was extremely salty.
get it? :)

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Got it. Thanks.

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good. & you’re very welcome.

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“Oh, go walk the tree penguin!”

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pencil pusher

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“Mother Fudge Bucket!!!”

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Here are a couple I like.

“If the other shoe fits, drop it.”
“Harsh, but fair.”
“Not ‘again’, ‘still’.”

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My favourite are;I am busy,if I have a time to spear,When I have a taste at sweats then I choosening;;;;

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“Oh, Rat farts!”. That one I use all the time.

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I vote pathfinder the winner; just as clear as much of today’s teenspeak.

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bahahah. pathfinder does indeed win. i’m gonna start saying that all the time..

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I’m with Cak, I think we should make a concerted effort to make “frizzer” part of the lexicon. Just think, Flutherites can even work together to decide what it means, then we all start using it in everyday life and across the world wide web and POOF! We have the first word of a new catchphrase.

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Go Fletch!!! (One of my family names). It means go make an arrow, but sounds worse.
Followed by WOFTI (Watch out for the idiots).

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The right to be wrong! My husband just used it recently, I never heard it before and really like it.

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Oh, I have a good one!

“Two inches from brave” is when you’re not done with your beer yet. :^>

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Are you shitting on my face right now?

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If I was I wouldn’t be typing… unless you’re doing something really wrong. :^>

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If it’s free, it’s for me!

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I’m not an ocean.

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“Thank you.”

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The one I use frequently,f*cktard which is a borne of the insult f*cking retard, I invented that one in AOL chat, believe it or not. Lots of those types in AOL chat.

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Reverse Mullet. I coined this when I moved to Memphis…describes long and flat in the from and short in the back…like that Kate plus 8 chick.

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She’ll be chooks…Meaning everything is going to be fine. Spread it people, spread it!

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When you communicate with someone online really well, without having ever seen them or actually spoken with them, you feel flutherific.

Like I feel with TAFKA @evelyns_pet_zebra.

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“What the Fluther!”

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“Lush!”- Which we use in two ways “You’re such a lush!”- if you can’t handle your alcohol. OR “That’s so lush!” meaning it’s (as Paris Hilton would put it) “hot.”

@generalspecific- I like it! Salty! I’m gunna use that!
@cyndyh – love the other shoe fits one!
@AstroChuck “Oh, go walk the tree penguin!”…. What?!?
@omfgTALIjustIMDu – sounds like a line out of 500 days of Summer.
@mee_ouch – Can you clarify? I like it however!

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Oh… also “Just between you, me and the apple tree…” meaning that whatever is about to be said, is to be kept a secret.

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He is SO up himself!

They say this in Australia and NZ of someone who is full of himself. Quite a visual!

Also, Craig is so high up Frank’s ass that when Frank is brushing his teeth he combs Craig’s hair. Get it? :) An apple polisher.

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FUBARBUNDYREMF: “F“ed up beyound all recognition, but unfortunatly not dead yet, rear echelon mother figure (polite version), or “If this is Heaven…... then I want my money back!”

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