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Best way to surprise someone?

Asked by sarahsugs (2903points) August 16th, 2008

My parents-in-law are surprising their daughter by flying across the country in time for their grandson’s first birthday party. The party is at 5 pm on Saturday. They are arriving on Friday night and would like to do the surprising on Saturday morning. Should they just show up on her doorstep unannounced? Should they call first and pretend to still be at home and then ring her doorbell mid-conversation? What scenario would make the best surprise?

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I love the second scenario…on the phone, then at the door. That’d surprise me!

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Someone else should let them in when nobody is paying attention and have them sit on the couch or something. When she looks over she will not believe her eyes.

Also, have the video camera on.. This could make Americas Funniest Home Videos!

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Great idea, trudacia!

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cool. Halfsies on the AFHV prize?

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This sounds like something I would do, and something I would hate for someone to do to me.

Unless they usually call at that time of the morning, I think it would be more surprising if they just rang the doorbell. But they should make sure they aren’t waking them up. I would be pissed if anyone woke me up on a Saturday morning.

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I agree I like 2 sleep in till like 10.

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Come bearing breakfast and all will be forgiven.

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Well, keep in mind she has a 1-year-old baby. She ain’t sleeping in very much. Coming with breakfast is a great idea!

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I’m a big fan of standing outside the house, calling on the phone, and telling them to look out their front window (I’ve used this on several occasions, and it always gets a good reaction!)

I’m a little jealous – I love surprising people! Have a good time!

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I’d say show up at noon, not too early, not too late. And do the phone thing, classic!

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I like the phone idea.

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