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How would you react if...

Asked by Mtl_zack (6762points) August 16th, 2008

…you had to write a 10,000 word essay on crime in poland in the 14th century for the next day, and it somehow gets completed, but you could not look at your computer screen at all, and it turns out that the only key that worked was the spacebar.

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I’d probably feel like the angry german kid on youtube. ( sorry i cant post a link , im on my ipod.)

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I would be punching dicks even with a fully operational computer.

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@jp You were joking about that, right?

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I wouldn’t really punch someone in the dick. I did do it to myself the other night and it wasn’t that bad. But a “10,000 word essay on crime in poland in the 14th century for the next day” sounds like a horrible thing to tackle.

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Obsessively press the spacebar and cry

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I’ve been in a similar predicament. Get “sick” for a week and finish it.

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@jp: why would you punch yourself in the gonads?

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Punching ones nads can be a helpful distraction from the real problem at hand.

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I’d probably die.
that’s just my best guess

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I’d take my CPU (never the monitor) and heave it through the plate-glass window of the store where it was purchased.

During broad daylight.

With my own cheerleaders present.

And while drunk on Gatorade.

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take the class over.

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Well, before I write an essay, I make an outline of what I’m gonna write…so if anything happens before I hit SAVE, I have an idea of what I wrote so I can use that to write it again.

How do you manage to type a whole 10,000 word essay without looking up once at the screen to notice that you weren’t writing anything at all?

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