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In which scenarios fraudulent credit card transaction may not be reversed?

Asked by imrainmaker (8375points) April 10th, 2018

Are you aware of any such scenario? You know it was a fraudulent transaction but bank may not agree. Is that possible?

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One scenario is when you child makes an online purchase on your credit card.

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One parent was billed recently on the news $5,000 from a big tech company for a virtual pets upkeep that a child was playing with. If you can find a link and post it please do so. I found another similar blog so sounds commonplace for the digital app age that we are in.

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We have had our credit cards broken into twice. The first time the bank refused to accept the fact that it was fraudulent and we were forced to pay the bill. The second time they understood that it was fraudulent and they took the charges off.

Last year I was talking to somebody about identity theft and they told me a nightmare story about their bank. Someone made a copy of their credit card and ran up the bill in three states while they were at work here in town. They even provided proof that they were at work at that time but their bank insisted that they were indeed there and made them pay the bill anyway.

I have no idea why retailers go to all the work to put up cameras at all their cash registers. It certainly isn’t to deter crime on the part of the person making the purchase, because I’ve tried to gain access to those films so that I could attempt to prosecute. Not a chance.

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