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Do you tend to use General or Social primarily?

Asked by KNOWITALL (26126points) April 11th, 2018

If you notice, you’ve probably made a conscioud decision. What is your reasoning?

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I use all three and I do my best to respect the rules for each section. There was a time when I avoided social because it was full of games and people who hijacked threads with nothing but talk about food, but that doesn’t happen much anymore (thankfully).

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Uh. I’m a 90% Social asker. It keeps the door open for taking the thread in directions I didn’t expect. It also allows for some of our favorite troll jellies to get their two cents in, in their style.

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Do you mean for asking or responding? I think I use both for asking. If I want the discussion to stay focused, I’ll post in General; if I don’t care that much about the topic or where the discussion goes, I’ll post in Social.

In terms of looking for questions to respond to, there are so few that I look in both sections for questions. Don’t have a preference.

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@janbb Yes, for posting Questions. I notice I always use Social, since I like people to be able to be silly if they want, or like @MrGrimm888 said, let it go where it needs to.

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I use both as well for asking. My baby teeth question was asked in Social so others could have fun with it. My recent question about caring for a kitten without litter mates is serious, so I asked in General.

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I used to ask in both previously but asking in general nowadays as found less people responding to those in social. But now that’s happening in general too.

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I ask in all three.

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I usually put my (few) questions in Social, because I tend to not mind (or actively want) reactions that are broader than a direct answer to my question.

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I tend to do more social, the mods can be extra anal in general, and I like all answers even if they stray off topic a bit.
But for questions related to Fluther I stick to meta.

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I’ve used General about 5 times in my life. I use Social almost exclusively so people can wander off topic if they want.

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Equally when answering. Usually Social when asking questions.

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Mostly social. I like the thread to wander a little.

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With “General” I try to answer very honestly, with a mind that the Mods will delete an unhelpful entry. Sometimes. Usually.
But with “Social,” the mods aren’t so strict so I can be a little more lenient and humorous, while still trying to answer honestly. Sometimes. Usually.

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