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Do you know a librarian making the media rounds, whose name is Kristin or Christine?

Asked by flo (12486points) April 12th, 2018

Her last name sounds like or Aylana or something like that. Maybe she has a book out.

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Here’s a long shot: link

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@elbanditoroso Thanks. By the way I’m hovering over the link but there is no url.

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Click it, it should take you to The Great Alone, by Kristin Hannah

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I can click it but I make a habbit of hovering over a hyperlink checking the url, and then clicking. I suggest everyone do that routinely.

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@flo it is a book listing on Amazon.

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@elbanditoroso Thanks again but I see what her books are about, the latest one for eg. and it doesn’t seem to be about her work as a librarian, ( I didn’t mention that in my OP )

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Could it be this one?

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@elbanditoroso and @Tropical_Willie
Ok, what happened is there was .. completely covering the url.

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