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Do garbage trucks dump their loads at the end of each day (so they start out the next day with an empty truck)?

Asked by elbanditoroso (24730points) April 13th, 2018

Or if only partially full, do they start their routes and dump when needed?

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It depends.

Hard to generalize on this, because some trash companies are small, some large. Some have transfer stations or dumps that are close; some are a long way away. Some trucks are full by noon and get emptied twice a day; some have routes that only fill them half way but because they are srpead out over a long distance take all day to travel.

Asa rule of thumb, though, it is best to empty the truck at the end of the day. That way it can be maintained, if necessary, over night or in the morning. Plus, it keeps the truck from being infested overnight.

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I know around here they empty as needed, and they always start out with an empty truck.

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Garbage pickup is a city function here and they pick up five days a week. Depending on the amount of garbage curbside, they may dump the trucks several times during the day, emptying it in the evening and do a quick rinse-out before returning to the yard.

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Well..yeah. Of course. They make a run to the landfill probably…5 times a day?

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