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Help with a Cardinal problem?

Asked by Winter_Pariah (3304points) April 13th, 2018

So in my neighborhood, at least one Cardinal has taken up residence. It wouldn’t be a problem except it (perhaps they) have been going around pecking at windows and car mirrors and they are doing it to the extent that several neighbors had their car mirrors broken and mine are getting rather scratched up.

Soooo… any suggestions on how to deal with these birds?

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Chase them with a drone. Destroy all nests.

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You can also invest in an outdoors cat.

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I don’t know how well they actually work, but a lot of farm supply type stores sell plastic owl models that can be set onto posts to discourage a lot of unwanted avian attention.

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This will only happen during mating season. Tie a rag or a plastic bag over the mirror(s) whenever you’re not driving. The behavior will stop soon enough.

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Thanks everyone!

@RedDeerGuy1 like the drone idea, cats are out of the question… at least outdoor cats.

@snowberry apparently these cardinals have been getting down and dirty for half a year

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Call your state department of natural resources or wildlife. They will have some good suggestions for what you can do. They will know how the birds behave. I will be honest…having them attack windows and mirrors sounds a bit odd to me. It might be mating seasons and they see their reflections as another male in their territory and are attacking it, but it still seems odd. The DNR will be able to give you more information into their behavior and might have seen and dealt with this sort of thing before.

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That is such odd behavior for members of the Catholic church hierarchy- report them to the Pope! ;-o

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I have a downy woodpecker that likes to peck holes in my soffet. It’s not bugs it is trying to attract a lady bird. If you find something that works let me know. I have tried every reasonable legal means including: plastic owls, reflective tape, ultrasonic and audible deterrents.. I mean everything.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me try facing the wood with a wire mesh. They make wire window screening as well as wire mesh that’s not as fine. Cut it and staple it where you want it.

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