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Why do my joints hurt when they get too warm?

Asked by tedibear (17981points) April 14th, 2018

When I am covered with a blanket and I get quite warm, my knees, hips, elbows and fingers hurt. My fingers become stiff as well. Once everything cools off, the ache goes away.

I have tried to use Google and Bing for information, but end up with information about joints being warm to the touch.

Any ideas about what’s happening?

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I wonder if before you get under your blanket you have been shivering or cringing? It seems the after effect of heavy shivering might be sore joints.
Otherwise, I can’t imagine.
Perhaps some tests are in order?

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A few people on this site mention having joint pain when they get warm. It looks like a place to start.

“...Sometimes my joint pain can be brought on by taking a hot shower, washing my hands with warmer water or getting into my car on a hot day. I have also noticed this when I walk and my body gets warm. In that specific case, my hand does get swollen probably because of circulatory or vascular problems. My hands are always cold and red. Does anyone else experience this?

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