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Have you ever been involved at the grassroots level in something that became really big?

Asked by Jeruba (47742points) April 15th, 2018

A political movement, a drive for social change, a significant fund-raising project? Something big enough to make the news?

How did you get involved, and how did it turn out? Did you see it through?

Tell us about it.


Tags as I wrote them: grassroots organizing, public service, political movements, social activism, volunteerism.

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Well I voted as soon as I turned 18. For Carter.

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It didn’t get “really” big, and I didn’t personally play a big role, but I was involved in the nation-wide sit-ins in protest of the BCRA. I was in the online chat rooms leading up to the sit-in where we were organizing, and on the day of, I travelled to Portland, Maine, and sat in at Senator Collins’s office. I read a statement that I had prepared, regarding my personal health situation and how the bill would affect me, to one of the aides at her office. The event at Portland was small. The real shit went down in Ohio at Senator Portman’s office, and Kentucky at McConnell’s office.

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Yes. It was in my profession, which I don’t want to identify for privacy reasons.

I was one of the ‘instigators’ of a particular technology push, which (14 years later) has taken on a life of its own in our particular area.

It started out as 5 people in a committee saying “we can do better than what has been done before” and ended up becoming standard practice in our area.

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A couple work related things that made big headlines. I was not mentioned by name but my handywork was. Not going to give any details though. My takeaway was A: The press is always pushing an agenda and B: There will always be people in a higher position who will shamlessly take credit for the ideas and work done by others.

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