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What are you a little OCD about?

Asked by Dutchess_III (38313points) April 15th, 2018

Is there anything in your life that needs to be just so?
My tabs are arranged in the following order, from left to right:
1. Words With Friends
2. Facebook / Fluther
3. Gmail
4–10,000 All other Important Stuff

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Loading the dishwasher. Everything has a place in the dishwasher for maximum usage a good cleaning. Loading it all willy-nilly is wasteful.

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Explaining myself to strangers. A little bit better every time.

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Perfectionism is a fitting word to describe these behaviors, not OCD.

I’m a perfectionist about reading the last page of a book with no one around and my phone on silent, I’m afraid the last sentence won’t have a big impact if someone interupts me right as I’m done reading

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9-digit zip codes.

I have the USPS’s zip code search tool bookmarked on my computer. I don’t mail anything without a full zip code. I use tax software every day for my work; I can’t let myself input any address without all 9-digits. I honestly have no idea why I’m this way.

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Things that can catch on fire. I make sure the stove is off and my curling iron is unplugged. Things that can catch on fire I sometimes check multiple times.

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My kids purposely torture me by leaving the mayonnaise on the kitchen counter for more than a minute, and not putting the DVDS back in their cases.

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haha, pretty much everything above, but mostly electrical items are off, including chargers unplugged, doors being locked, yardwork being done in a timely fashion, trash out on trash day, etc…

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Im a little ocd about people opening the microwave before it is turned off. I don’t want cancer.

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It really bothers me when people talk about “being a little OCD” about something because OCD is a real psychiatric disorder that can ruin lives if it is not treated with therapy and/or medicine. I feel like using the term colloquially or casually to describe personality quirks takes away from a true understanding of what OCD truly is.

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@answerjill Some of us manage our ocd with little trouble, for others it is significant and life-changing, and you’re right, maybe some of us are a little more flippant, sorry if WE caused any offense.

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I’m not OCD; I’m just quirky.

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