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What are some examples of helping professions for atheists?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24048points) April 15th, 2018

Like psychologist, or social worker. Are they that different from theology and religious studies? Is their a deeper common core to study? Is it philosophy? language arts? Public speaking? Writing? University or academics?

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Why do you ask about “professsions for atheists” when none of those have anything to do with belief system?

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@zenvelo I don’t know. It sounded better when I was thinking the question up. Thought it hasn’t been asked before? Just trying to find a field to pay my dues for. That you don’t have to be religious to join? Trying to salvage the question isn’t working.

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Hiring or firing based on one’s religious, or lack of religious, beliefs, is discriminatory. Even asking such a question, is discriminatory.

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@kritiper So it is wrong to ask a priest if he believes in God for a job as the pope?

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I’m not following this question anymore. My bad.

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I applied for that job (The Pope) and I said I was agnostic in the interview. That’s why I didn’t get the job.

But seriously, anything but a job where belief in God is a part of the profession is open to atheists. That would pretty much be restricted to clergy, and some Christian schools or religious schools might require teachers to be believers in the religion of that school if they do not receive government funds.

Even church-based colleges and theological institutions frequently have atheists among their faculty.

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