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Can we give SGT R Lee Ermey one last shout?

Asked by ARE_you_kidding_me (17481points) April 15th, 2018

Drop your cocks and grab your socks, sound off like you got a pair…bullshit I can’t hear you!

RIP R. Lee Ermey.

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no need. That single movie guarantees the man’s immortality.

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Damn. Didn’t know he passed. My father was a Drill Sargeant during the Vietnam War. He said Ermey was perfect in FMJ.

I hope he journeys well…

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FMJ, sure. He also flew a helicopter in Apocalypse Now, and played the father figure of Dr. Gregory House.
It was Full Metal Jacket that gave him his best role, and best line:
“I’ll bet you’re the kinda guy that would fuck a person in the ass, and not even have the Goddamn common courtesy to give him a reach-around. I’ll be watching you!”

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He was the cop in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake too. The one with Jessica Beil.

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Gunnery Sergeant Hartman: Well, any fucking time, sweetheart! Private Gomer Pyle: Sir, I’m trying, sir. Gunnery Sergeant Hartman: Private Pyle I’m gonna give you three seconds; exactly three-fucking-seconds to wipe that stupid looking grin off your face or I will gouge out your eyeballs and skull-fuck you! ONE!

@filmfann Nice one!

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