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What's your interpretation of my nightmare?

Asked by gondwanalon (16601points) April 15th, 2018

I dreamed that I was walking down the hallway of a house (not mine). It was dark but I could still see. Suddenly I felt a warm air and I noticed a doorway with the door slightly open. Then I started to fear what was behind the door. It felt like there was something evil inside that room. Then I ran away.

Later I regained my courage and returned to the darkened hallway determined to investigate the strange situation. Again I felt the warm air as I approached the slightly opened door. I didn’t look behind the door. I just put my hand with my fingers extend on the other side of the door. I felt nothing at first but as I slid my hand downward, suddenly invisible fingers of a large invisible hand tried to take hold of my hand. I pulled my hand back so I could see my hand while I felt the invisible fingers still trying to get a grip on my hand. I could feel that the invisible fingers were very large. It was overpoweringly creepy.

I started yelling loudly which woke up my wife who woke me up. She told me to stop yelling.

When I went back to sleep, I had another vivid dream that I was telling a lot of people about the above dream. I kept emphasizing how real it felt.

FYI: I’m 67years old. I ate a normal dinner the night before the dream. I don’t take any medication or use alcohol or other recreational drugs (just a very little caffeine in the morning).

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It wasn’t a ghost it was the pizza guy! You had him waiting for hours. It wasn’t evil, but a bad case of B.O. from the pizza guy.

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Been watching some spooky movies lately? or TV news?

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You are becoming more aware of your mortality.

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@Jeruba Just watching some old “Twilight Zone” episodes.

@kritiper You May be right. The devil may have sent one of his demons to bring me home.

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Nightmares tend to occur on the deeper levels of sleep, or when you are very tired. They don’t necessarily mean anything.

Although it doesn’t sound like a sleep paralysis episode, those can be extremely terrifying and impossible to get out of without help of a fully awake person touching you. Read about sleep paralysis—they are similar to nightmares and very creepy—often times something does grab you—they seem hyperdimensional and more than mere sleep episodes

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@gondwanalon It isn’t some spooks that makes you aware, just your subconscious.

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Sounds like a classic fear of the unknown. At 67, are you having concerns about your mortality? Not that that’s old, but I have thoughts about it, and I’m half your age.

You’re a fellow paddler right? (I canoe a lot too.) Maybe a long exerting, padding trip is in order. I always feel more at peace with just about everything, after a canoe trip.

I’m a lucid dreamer. So I don’t really have nightmares, as I can control almost every detail of a dream getting scary. Some nights, I spend flying, or swimming around underwater. My nightmares, are usually about being stuck somewhere, or lost.

I hope you get over the nightmare. It’s amazing how much they can affect our real lives.

Peace n love.

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@Yellowdog I’m usually a pretty light sleeper and don’t recall my dreams. When I do dream it’s usually a crazy mix of people and places of the past with no apparent theme or meaning.

I never heard of sleep paralysis. Sounds interesting and I sure hope that I never go there. HA!

@kritiper You are likely right.

@MrGrimm888 Lately I have been thinking about all the things that I’m going to miss when I die. People in my family don’t live long. My Dad died when he was 32 and my Mom and both Grandpas all died when they were 74. One Gandma died in her 30’s an the other Grandma died at age 80. Canoe paddling is Definitely one of the things that I’ll miss when I go to the other side (if there is one).

Really looking forward to racing Queen Lili’uokalani, Pailolo Challenge and Molokai Hoe again this year.

Good health little brother!

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^It’s (death) a journey we all must take brother. If we have love for our family/tribe, we must follow them into the unknown.

I am an atheist. Sometimes, I believe in nothing. But…
I have to say, if you look at the big picture, this is crazy. We’re all living on a rock, traveling through space, in a universe so large and complicated, that we (believers of science) suppose came from nothing… WTF?

I guess I’m saying that if such a thing as what we are currently experiencing is possible, then pretty much anything is…

I would add, I worked as an EMT at an Emergency Veterinary Hospital, for almost 10 years. In that time, I witnessed thousands of deaths of different animals. I can say, with little understanding , that you can “see” the “energy” leave the animal’s body. It’s almost palpable.

Additionally, I was part of many animal “c-sections.”
(Many involved having to physically get the animals breathing, through multiple techniques. When you cut them out, you have to basically do CPR-like stuff, to get them bteathing. The surgeon hands you a sack. After a process, you hopefully have a living animal.)

Again. There seems to be an “energy,” that comes from being born too. I can’t articulate it better. Sorry. But. There’s something more going on. Something we don’t understand (when it comes to life/death.)

That is what I personally cling to l, for comfort. I don’t know anything about death. I’m not afraid to say that I’m afraid to die, and don’t want my loved ones to either. But my devotion, to those I love will always bring me some additional comfort, in knowing that I am going with them. Wherever we go…

I think that it’s possible that the “energy” I speak of, comes from somewhere, and returns. So. It’s possible that we will “see” one another again.

It may be better than this place.

In the meantime, good health to you too big brother :)

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I like @kritiper ‘s interpretation about your mortality.

I see the hallway as your progression through this mortal coil. The slightly open doorway is a representation of a change that you are, or feel like, you are approaching and must at some time pass through. Change is always traumatic and sometimes very scary. You run in fear but return because you know it is something you have to face eventually. With trepidation you try to look beyond the door to get some idea of what is ahead. But what you feel is a power dragging at you, pulling you through but you are not ready to make that change, to commit to entering this new phase so you pull back and pull loose.
Your continuance of the dream and the telling of others about what happened indicates that you are aware of these impending changes and realize that they are coming but others are still in the dark about what is affecting you and are not willing to accept them either when confronted with them..

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In dream symbolism, this is a dream of death.
Don’t start any long books.

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@MrGrimm888 I think that I have an idea of what you mean about the life energy. I was in the room when the Veterinarian euthanized my cancer suffering cat. Just as he went limp I felt him leave this world and as tears flowed down my cheeks I uttered the words, “Bye buddy, see you on the other side”. Also (a long time ago) as a Med Tech, I was sent to the ED to draw blood oni a patient there. The doctors were trying to resuscitate the patient. I felt that he was already gone and they were waiting their time. The doctors likely knew it too as the soon gave up and went to lunch.

@rojo Thanks for your detailed analysis.

@filmfann Good idea.

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I find it very interesting the the breeze was warm rather than the usual “chill” breeze of a ghost.

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